2010 (1984)

2010 (1984)


Advanced CGI simulation of a planet

2010 (1984)
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1) Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere is CGI-rendered, mostly during the black spot shots.

2) Film used CGI to create the dynamic-looking cloudy atmosphere of the planet Jupiter, as well as the swarm of monoliths that engulf the planet and turn it into a Sun for the planet Europa. Digital Productions would use data supplied by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to create the turbulent Jupiter atmosphere. This was one of the first instances of what the studio would later refer to as "Digital Scene Simulation"

3) When Dr. Heywood Floyd stands in the doorway of his sleeping son's room, on the wall, to the left of his bed is a poster of an Olympic runner, with the text 'Beijing 08' on the bottom. Considering the film was made in 1984 and the Olympic Committee did not choose Beijing for the Olympics until July 2001, this is an example of life imitating art and background detail which came true.