Adam Powers, The Juggler (1981)

Adam Powers, The Juggler (1981) 


Advanced motion capture CGI



1) This computer animated short film was produced by Information International Inc. as a sample reel for exhibition the Association of Computing Machinery's annual SIGGRAPH conference in 1981. Showcasing both the storytelling potential of CGI and company innovative polygonal modeling technique, the film led directly to both the company's and producer Richard F. Taylor's involvement in Disney's groundbreaking feature film TRON.

2) As usually for demo studio reels, some material from earlier studio works used (Triple-1 Demo (1979).

3) First really crude version of motion capture (then called "digital puppetry") was in The Stick Man (1967).  For more motion capture watch Brilliance (1984). 

4) First motion capture in video games was in Warrior (1979).