Adventures of Andre and Wally B (1984)

Adventures of Andre and Wally B (1984)


Advanced motion blur effect

Video (HD 1080p)

CGI making of video

Behind  the scenes photos


1) First finished short CGI film directed by John Lasseter (he did earlier test film Where The Wild Things Are (1983).

2) First time motion blur was used in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (1982).

3) First video game with motion blur was Virtua Fighter 3 (1996).

4) It was rendered on a Cray X-MP/48 supercomputer and ten VAX-11/750 superminicomputers from Project Athena, provided by Cray Research, the fastest computer in the world at the time. 

5) John Lasseter made this film to entertain his children; ironically, it frightened them instead.

6) The modeling program used at the time could only produce simple geometric designs (cones, cubes, spheres). John Lasseter wanted a flexible pear shape for the characters' bodies, as is found in most cartoon characters. Eventually a teardrop shape was achieved by stretching the point of a sphere to infinity.