Anima 2 (1977)

Anima 2 (1977)


First procedural computer animations, first polygonal mini-cartooons

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1) ANIMA II animation system directed by Charles Csuri (Hummingbird (1967) and Tim Van Hook) supported procedural modeling and run-length encoding algorithms, the DG modeling system for data generation, and other supporting systems and languages. The developer group expanded to include Rodger Wilson and Wayne Carlson (now Chair of Design at OSU), and a number of other graduate students from various departments during this period.

2) That was  the first polygonal mini-cartooons, ancient predecessors of Toy story (1995).

3) A procedural animation is a type of computer animation, used to automatically generate animation in real-time to allow for a more diverse series of actions than could otherwise be created using predefined animations. Procedural animation is used to simulate particle systems (smoke, fire, water), cloth and clothing, rigid body dynamics, and hair and fur dynamics, as well as character animation.