Antz (1998)

Antz (1998)


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1) Ants is not animated one by one and moves independently and has their own AI , computer program made for animation of crowd AI. This is predecessor of "MASSIVE" techology (Lord of the Rings).

2) The only fully CGI film that released on the 20th Century Fox and not made by Pixar. 

3) Although often cited as the second computer animated film (after Toy Story (1995), this was actually the third. The second was Cassiopeia (1996). 

4) The first computer-animated film to receive a PG rating. 

5) The computer graphics imagery that makes up the film, would later become the dominant form of animation at DreamWorks, replacing 2-D animation as of 2003. 

6) Antz was released to DVD on March 23, 1999, becoming the first feature-length CGI-animated film to be available on DVD. Later it was released on Blu-ray.