Batman Begins (2005)

Batman Begins (2005)


First photorealistic CGI body movements

Batman Begins
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1) Instances with just one or two bats in the shot, (such as the single bat gone astray inside Wayne's mansion), uses real bats, but each scene with a flock of bats, had to be done using CGI bats, since it was decided to be too difficult to control that many bats at once. 

2) The wide-shot of the house of the League of Shadows was entirely computer-generated. 

3) Contrary to the previous Batman films, in which the Batcave was realized as a combination of a live set and matte paintings (done either by hand or computer), no visual effects were used in this film to show the Batcave. The entire Batcave is instead a massive full-scale set.

4) Directed by Christopher Nolan.

5) Video is made as CGI test fo the film, that was not included in finished movie.