Batman Forever (1995)

Batman Forever (1995)


First photorealistic CGI stunt double


Video (4K HDR)

Behind the scenes


1) Jim Rygiel served as visual effects supervisors, with Pacific Data Images also contributing to visual effects work. PDI provided a computer-generated Batman for complicated stunts.

2) First realistic cgi stunt double was used for some action scenes and cloth animation (cape). Second film with CGI stunt doubles is Batman and Robin (1997).
3) Swiss surrealist painter H. R. Giger provided his version for the Batmobile but it was considered too sinister for the film.
4) Nicole Kidman was previously considered for the role of Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992) before Michelle Pfeiffer was cast.

5) Directed by Joel Schumacher.

6) There was false claim that first CGI stuntdouble was used in Terminator 2 for scene where Arnold falling off from tanker - but its just animated doll of Arnold used for this scene.