Black Hole (1979)

Black Hole (1979)


Longest wireframe canimation in a movie (at the time), fastest computer animation at the time

Black Hole (1979)
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1) Fastest wireframe animation at the time.

2) The Walt Disney film The Black Hole (directed by Gary Nelson)  using equipment from Disney's engineers, made raster wire-frame model rendering for the open credits depicting a 3D wireframe of a black hole.

3) At the time of its release, the movie featured the longest computer graphics sequence that had ever appeared in a film.

4) According to press at the time, the film's score was the world's first digitally recorded soundtrack.

5) The film takes place in 2130.

6) Some leftover sentry robot costumes were later used in Steven Lisberger's test reel for TRON (1982).