Brilliance (1984)

Brilliance (1984)


Advanced human body CGI, advanced mirrored surface CGI

Video (HD)

CGI making of video


1) Made by Robert Abel and Associate's, food commercial "Brilliance" ad is such a beguiling little oddity - a colourful, striking, cutting-edge slice of visual glory touting the virtues of just about the dullest, most nondescript product conceivable.  The company, led by its founder, visual effects pioneer Robert Abel, were hired by Ketchum Advertising in 1984 to develop a thirty-second spot for the Canned Food Information Council;  the aim was for it to be so startlingly futuristic that it would completely demolish canned food's popular image as an archaic and inferior culinary product.  As a result, canned food is here not only pitched as the lifeblood of future generations who are busy colonising Jupiter, it's sexy too.  Abel has you so enthralled with the aesthetic charms of that saucy robot (whose cues were taken from the work of science fiction illustrator Chris Moore) that you don't really mind that you don't get a close or accurate peak at the contents of those cans (or question why a Jupiter-faring robot would be sitting down to a candlelit dinner of Earth-grown human food in the first place.

2) "Brilliance" allegedly aired only once, during Super Bowl XIX on 20th January 1985.

3) Used motion capture. Dor more motion capture watch Adam Powers, The Juggler (1981).

4) Mirrored surface robot later recreated in "Terminator 2" (1991).