Faces and Body Parts (1974)

Faces and Body Parts (1974)


First talking polygonal human, advanced shading



1) Fred Parke's (who did Computer Animated Hand) thesis film on facial modeling at the University of Utah,showing a deep advancement in the field of "grimaces from the uncanny valley." 

2) Where Catmull continued his work in the entertainment industry, Parke stayed roughly within academia, currently serving as the head of Associate Head of the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M's architecture school. But by creating one of the first realistic, 3D renderings of a human face, his contributions to the field were as immeasurable.

3) First talking computer animation was in Mr. Computer Image (1968).

4) First shading was in Computer Animated Hand (1972).

5) Clips from the film was later used  in a music video by Miley Cyrus -"We Can't Stop".