Futureworld (1976)

Futureworld (1976)


First realistic computer model of human face, first 3d polygonal animation in a movie, first gloss effect in CGI (primitive reflections)

Futureworld (1976)
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1) The animation on the monitor in the movie presents Peter Fonda's head in a transition from a polygon animation to smoothed facial features with light reflexes as a part of the production of a doppelganger. Gary Demos and John Whitney Jr. photographed Fonda's face from different angles and transfered these data via graphics tablet in a digital 3D space with help of Ivan Sutherland (Computer Sketchpad). This archive with face data was the starting point for further animation steps being presented on the control monitor as the becoming of the doppelganger's

head in a change from edged to smooth surfaces.

2) Should be noted that this is much more advanced "polygonal aniomation" and the first 3d "wireframe animation" in a movie was actually shot year later for Star Wars (1977).

3) First gloss effect in CGI (on the video from 00:20).

4) Film events take place in June 20, 1985.