Human Digital Face R&D Project (2002)

Human Digital Face R&D Project (2002)


Advanced CGI facial animation



1) DFX Supervisor, Walt Hyneman supervised the digital aspects of this development and pipeline construction, and work with Dr. Lance Williams (Master Architect) for what was at the time, in many's opinion, the best digital human face ever produced. This R&D was conducted at Disney's Secret Lab for the movie "Gemini Man" which then didn't went into production.

2) The footage was showcased in 2002 at Siggraph's Electronic Theatre presentations.

3)  “Gemini Man” has been a Mouse House passion project over the past 2-1/2 years. Making use of its high-tech Secret Lab, the studio tested to see how well CGI effects could transform an actor into his 20-year-younger double. Disney had hoped to interest Mel Gibson in the project’s center role, but no actor is attached. Film was released in 2019 with Will Smith in lead role. (with completely different footage).