King Kong (2005)

King Kong (2005)


Advanced motion capture, advanced photorealistic CGI animal

King Kong (2005)
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1) Andy Serkis (King Kong) had to go through two hours of motion capture makeup every day, having 135 small markers attached to different spots on his face.

2) It took eighteen months to craft the CGI version of the Empire State Building. The real building was built in fourteen months. 

3) During the scene where Kong causes the crew to fall into the log pit, both Kong and Lumpy are seen together. Both characters are portrayed by Andy Serkis, though Kong in this scene is computer generated. 

4) Andy Serkis essentially had to play King Kong twice. First, alongside Naomi Watts in a makeshift gorilla outfit, so his co-star had something to react to. Then, once principal photography was completed, he had to re-do his performance, this time in a motion capture suit. 

5) Directed by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001).