Pong Man (1977)

Pong Man (1977)


First polygonal full body animation


Silent film



1) Ron Hackathorn (reSource Marketing) worked to expand Knemeyer's "Anima" animation system, and Tim Van Hook (SGI) brought a user perspective to the design, as well as a knowledge of real time issues. Also involved during this period were graduate students Sam Cardman (CIS) and Bob Reynolds (Physics), and faculty members Hal Moellering (Geography), Karl Olsen (EE), Carl Ingling (EE), Leslie Miller (Mathematics) and Robert McGhee (EE) and staff member Diana Rainwater.

2) Animated using video from arcade game Pong (1972).

3) Directed by Tim Van Hook (Anima 2).

4) Fun fact -Pong man actually taking out from a game fully rendered table tennis racket.