ReBoot (1994)

ReBoot (1994)


Longest CGI animated film at the time (each episode - 23 min.) 

Reboot 1994
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CGI making of video


1) ReBoot is a canadian TV series produced from 1994 to 2002.

2) ReBoot initially was conceived in 1980 by the British creative collective The Hub, made up of John Grace, Ian Pearson, Gavin Blair, and Phil Mitchell. However, technology was not yet advanced enough to make the show in the desired way. 3D animation tests began in 1990 and ReBoot had achieved its detailed look by 1991, and polished in 1994. Production continued on future episodes and the show aired in 1994 after enough episodes had been produced. This was a painstaking process, as no other company had at this time worked on a 3D animation project of this scale and the software used was new to all in the company.

3) Created on Silicon Graphics workstations using Autodesk Softimage software.

4) The first CGI TV series is shorts "Les fables geometriques" (1989), also was made- "Insektors" , "VeggieTales" and "Quarxs" (all from 1994). ReBoot is the first full lenght CGI TV series and longest CGI animated footage until Toy Story (1995).