Sine Curve Man  (1967)

Sine Curve Man (1967)


First digital morphing of human face


Silent, black and white film

Video (narrated by author)


1) Expanding on Csuri's early work in blending of line drawing images (Hummingbird), Mark Gillenson (now at IBM) developed a system (WhatsIsFace) that used techniques of key frame animation to blend images to create facial drawings, a system that created a significant amount of interest in the police and investigative communities. This system was one of the first formal contributions to the technology that is now called "morphing". 

2) Working with a fellow faculty member (James Shaffer) from the Department of Mathematics, the make series of images using a sine curve mapping and a mainframe computer (IBM 360). Lacking an output medium for recording this primitive animation, he plotted the intermediate frames on paper using an IBM plotter to create a haunting blend of images.

3) Most famous example with this effect was used in music video Michael Jackson - Black Or White (1991).