Tangled (2010)

An Artist Friendly Hair Shading System (2010)


Advanced CGI hair

Tangled (2010)
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1) For more CGI hair watch The Incredibles (2004).

2) Paper for this technique presented on SIGGRAPH.

3) This is Disney's first CGI fairy tale film adaption.
4) According to Glen Keane, the technique of non-photorealistic rendering was extensively used to make the CGI surface look like it is painted, but still containing depth and dimension. He also mentioned the use of subsurface scattering and global illumination and "all of the latest techniques" helps render convincing human characters and rich environments.
5) An improved version of a hair simulation program named Dynamic Wires, originally developed for a movie "Bolt", was eventually used. To make hair float believably in water, and to surmount other similar challenges, discrete differential geometry was used to produce the desired effects, freeing the animators from executing these specific tasks directly, which would have taken days instead of minutes.