The Stick Man (1967)

The Stick Man (1967)


First motion capture (digital puppet), first real time computer graphics


Silent, black and white film

Video (Full version)


1) This footage was shot on 16mm film in real time from the "Animac" system in Lee Harrison's attic lab in Blue Bell, PA. The line segments are controlled by individual potentiometers and have been programmed to link to each other in a tree-structure, later called parenting. The controls were attached to a harness so that a persons movements would be represented in real-time on the screen (Digital puppetry).

2) Digital puppetry is the manipulation and performance of digitally animated 2D or 3D figures and objects in a virtual environment that are rendered in real time by computers. It is most commonly used in filmmaking and television production, but has also been used in interactive theme park attractions and live theatre. Its the first crude version of Motion capture.

3) First CGI film with realistic motion capture was Adam Powers, The Juggler (1981).